warehouseC.R. Kinsman & Associates has a state of the art 23,000 sq. ft. facility in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metrolplex. 
Our ability to carry local inventory on behalf of our manufacturers allows our distributors to better manage their inventory while allowing our manufacturers to respond quicker to their customers’ shipping needs. We are equipped to work with a warehouse program that best fits the needs of our manufacturer.

Manufacturer Consigned Inventory – CRK will stock manufacturer owned inventory and perform pick, pack, and ship duties to fulfill orders for customers in our selling area as well as in areas outside of our typical selling area.  We are the Texas Warehouse for our manufacturer as well as customer service if needed.  Prompt and accurate communication insures that our manufacturer manages and replenishes our inventory in a timely manner as well as immediately invoices the customer following shipment from the CRK warehouse.

C.R. Kinsman Owned Inventory – For our manufacturers that require local inventory but are either unwilling or unable to consign inventory, CRK is the vendor and will “buy-sell” product from our manufacturer and sell only to qualified distributors at standard distributor net pricing.  Typically in this scenario, CRK will service smaller customers who are not able to buy direct from that manufacturer or whose orders do not qualify for order minimum or prepaid freight levels.  We will provide customer sales information to the manufacturer as needed.  This is an excellent way to develop smaller accounts into larger accounts – who ultimately will buy direct from the manufacturer once the business warrants it.

This is the CRK Advantage.

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