Warehousing & Storage

Safe and secure storage of your products in our Dallas/Ft. Worth warehouse.  We carefully handle your products during the receiving process, making sure to check all products received versus the documentation.  Any discrepancies are immediately reported and corrected.  A prompt put away process (either in a number of different well organized shelf options or in a larger bulk stock area) insures that your product remains in excellent condition during the fulfillment process.  Our long term storage service is a monthly fee based program whereby you pay ONLY for the space in our warehouse that you utilize.


Once your finished goods are received and in stock at CRK, we are well equipped to fulfill any orders that you receive. Simply communicate the order details to CRK via several communication methods, and we will promptly and accurately arrange shipment (or Will Call) of your products.  You may either designate your method of shipment using your own account number, or rely on CRK’s many carrier partners.  In either case, notification that the order has shipped from CRK is sent to the manufacturer along with tracking information and shipping charges for prompt invoicing of your customer.  For our warehousing and fulfillment program, CRK charges the manufacturer a percentage of the “invoice price” which means that you are ONLY charged a fee when the product ships versus a monthly rate whether the products moves or not.  This rate varies depending upon amount of space, handling, packaging requirements, frequency of fulfillment, and other factors.


CRK will arrange shipment of your product using the most cost effective method that still fits the needs of you and your customer.  We currently have relationships with UPS, FedEx, USPS as well as several freight transportation options. We can ship your product prepay and add (on your behalf), freight collect, third party, or using your account number with the carrier of your choosing.  In addition to the warehouse fee that CRK applies, shipping charges are reimbursed monthly from the manufacturer when CRK prepays using one of our carrier options.  Prompt shipment of your products insures that your customer receives their order quickly, but also speeds up the invoice/receivables process for our manufacturer.  Shipping notifications received by 3pm CST will ship same day.

Customer Service

CRK has a team of inside sales representatives well equipped to field a variety of questions from you and your customers.  Typically we are currently working with these customers via one of the other services offered by CRK so the relationship is already established. Our inside group will handle the documentation and communication required of the warehouse, fulfillment, and logistics process.  And, if needed, our customer service group can be an extension of your customer service team – Your Texas Warehouse – answering your customer’s questions regarding pricing, availability, expedites, tracking info, etc.  For the customer service function, CRK applies a small fee, typically added to the negotiated fee for warehousing, fulfillment, and logistics.

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